Friday, August 21, 2009

Behold; the window to heaven

And behold...

As a Bible student I have some verbal markers or clues that cause me to pause and pay extra attention to what is being communicated. One of those markers is the word "behold". In Greek the word is idou but in Hebrew, my current passion, the word comes from the pictograph hei.

Hei is the letter of revelation. It is an open window into heaven. Most of the time the word behold reminds me to pause and consider what is happening in a passage. It tells me that following whatever circumstances I have just read, YHVH is about to do something that breaths life into the understanding of men.

The modern Hebrew letter hei looks rather like a shack with a window, a window to heaven. It is formed of a dalat which pictures brokenness and need, and the letter yod, a hand from YHVH, so it is taught that hei is, for the believer, an opening of the heart for the Spirit of YHVH to indwell us. It shows the need of the heart to return to God by the power of the Spirit.

We are then left with a choice to repent and choose God or to continue on the path we were on.