Thursday, January 26, 2012


From "Edges of His Ways" by Amy Carmichael
January 26
Snow in the Garden (by Ray)
For those who have to do with forgetful people.

"I have compassion", our Lord said as he looked at the multitude. (Mark 8:2) I have often found it easier to have compassion on the multitude than on the individual, especially a rather tiresome individual. But our Lord Jesus never failed in this keener test of compassion.

You know how a tune heard before recalls, when you hear it again, not only the place where you heard it, but all the surrounding circumstances. It seems to me that when our Lord used exactly the same words, "How many loaves have ye?" (Mark 8:5) He was trying lovingly to recall to the Twelve what they had forgotten, even His boundless power and mercy. (Mark 6:38)

When next we have to deal with a forgetful boy or girl, perhaps this way of His will help to guide our ways. It is so easy to feel inwardly impatient, but He Whom we follow never did.

"Jesus Master, I would be
More and more made like to Thee."