Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Raymond's sense of snow

One of the first things you might notice about us as a couple is that I like to putz, he likes to get-er-done. There are days when we clash but most of the time our life is lived as if Elohim fixed what was broken or missing in our souls.

Yesterday I felt a slight twinge of panic when I saw Ray heading out the kitchen door with a bag of shredded paper to cover the artichoke stub by the back fence. My guys keep the lawn mown without any nagging, they cook on that monster of a barbecue, they build the hard structures of the garden and set up watering systems so that our return from camping trips finds everything alive and well. Without complaint they buy the things I want for the garden. What they do not do is get dirt on their hands, that is my job. I think I deal fairly well with others using my kitchen (and leaving the evidence) or tracking across the carpet with whatever they stomped through outside. But the garden is my sanctuary. The mess is my mess, the order of things is my order of things. But there was Ray, headed out to do something, to add stuff in my holy place.

I am a woman with some sense. I've been wanting to mulch the artichoke too, but not just before sunset. I had in mind a mix of compost and leaves or straw (I don't have any leaves or straw) that would both feed and protect Miss Artichoke. We talked once about recycling shredded paper. Just when I think he doesn't hear me he proves otherwise. I got over myself, I hope my apology was sincere. After 36 years I should know to trust his sense of snow. It came, right on time this morning. Thanks Ray!

The wind is coming in from Alaska instead of Hawaii. The cold collided with the warm and made snow. There is a 50/50 chance of more snow tonight. It could get down to 29 degrees. I'll be happy for 2 dogs and a husband at bed time.


  1. 29 degrees! That's cold. A few days ago it was 47 degrees, a record- breaking low for Bermuda for this time of year. We've had several winter gales as well. The last one (just a day or two ago) had near hurricane force gusts. Although it rarely goes below the 50 in the winter; the dampness together with the northerly wind sends the cold through any coat you have. All the bed linen feels damp. But when you turn on the heat you'll be looking at a whopping $275-300 (or higher) bill come months end.

    Yep, we husbands get it right too sometimes you know. :)

  2. Yikes! What is Elohim telling us? We dream of going to your island for a break from the cold chill. Burrr

  3. Those unexpected moments are the best! For Christmas my husband made me a hanging shelf for my netsukes. (I'd asked for one about three years ago and had pretty much forgotten about it.)

  4. netsukeys?
    That’s kewl Vicki, I bet you didn't have to apologize for getting idgy about him entering your space with that shelf like I did with the paper.