Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kislev 25, The First Night of Channukah

It makes sense to me that a whole week is given to celebrate the light of the world. On our calendar, December 1st was the start of Chanukah or Hanukkah (however you choose to transliterate the Hebrew characters) I'm still not very good at the traditions. I was raised with Christmas. I still cherish Christmas breakfast with my family. But I have come to a place in my life that I look forward to the 8 days of Chanukah

Just about everyone who follows "The Way" knows that the only place in the Bible that speaks of Chanukahs in the New Testament.
And the Feast of Dedication occurred in (Jerusalem) and it was winter. And Y'shua/Jesus was walking into the Temple in the porch of Shleemon/Solomon. And the Yehudeans/Judeans surrounded him and said to him, "How long will you hold over our souls if you are the Mashiyach/Christ? Tell us openly. Y'shua answered and said to them, "I have told you and you do not believe! Yochanan/John 10:22-25
The center candle on the Channukah Menorah is the Servant which brings light to the others, just as Y'shua came into the world to bring light to us. He is the one who lit the flame of Acts 2 in the upper room. He is the one who said to let your light shine. Consider lighting a Menorah this week and learning of the Light of the World. Often it is said of Christmas that it is a time of magic for children, a time when adults become like children. For the community of believers in Y'shua/Jesus we are encouraged to leave childish things behind (1 Corinthians 13) The Light of the World is Truth. It is truth that illumines men, not made up explanations about candy canes and evergreen boughs.
As Messianics we believe that Y'shua was born during the fall feast of Sukkoth but that he was conceived during Channukah. John Parsons of Hebrew for Christians teaches that Channukah is probably a 2nd Sukkoth celebration, a rededication of the Temple after it was defiled at the time of the Maccabaeus. So again, it makes sense to me that we celebrate the Light of the World, the very Son of Elohim, The Word made flesh who came to dedicate us as the temple of God.
Want to join our celebration but do not know where to start? Hebrew for Christians is a perfect place. A quick google or bing search (Messianic Channukah) will bring all kinds of pages for you to read. Be careful, there are many pages that are strictly tradition. Interesting to read but not honoring to the one who came to illumine your soul, to give you life by giving his life. Keep it simple but ask the Spirit of Elohim to open your eyes. He will not let you down.
"…I HAVE told you and you do not believe!" Yochanan 10:25b
But those who did receive Him He gave to them authority that they might be sons of Elohim, those who have believed in His Name. Yochanan 1:12

Aramaic English New Testament


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I have been feeling God's tug at my heart for the last year to really understand the Jewish Roots of Jesus. They never went away but for some reason the church has strayed from that.
    Thank you so much.
    ♥ Joy

  2. Who can blame "the church"? They fear legalism (while practicing it). I wish I could tell you in this small space how my faith has grown deeper as I study Hebrew and Hebraic Roots. In fact the book, Our Father Abraham (I'll check title and author later, my library has become a bedroom for a son who has moved back home) was quite helpful.

    For me, the journey started while writing curriculum for the Book of Matthew. I was overwhelmed with wonder of just what John the Baptizer was doing. YHVH/the LORD put that question on my heart; he opened a gait that I have never regretted walking through.

    Good journey to you Joy.

  3. I know God is putting people/websites/articles in my path this year that are revealing so much to me and really making me hungry for more. I'll search for that book too. Thanks for the name. I've on my 3rd semester of Precepts Romans study and it has really made me more aware of this too. I subscribed to Jewish Voice today and am learning about the fall feast and celebrations that for some reason have never been a part of my life. Its exciting I have to say, but also when it comes to my family they are puzzled by my interest. They keep saying but we aren't Jewish. I probably would have said the same thing prior to this past year, but I'm just letting God work in their heart as He is in mine.
    Thanks again for sharing,