Sunday, December 26, 2010

January is “Eat From The Pantry” month

In January I try to go through my pantry and freezers to feed my family for the month. I like to spend as little as possible, buying only fresh dairy, eggs and a few fresh vegetables for Ray's lunches.

My pantry is probably supposed to be a linen closet but I like to use it for a pantry. It is probably too hot in winter since the back wall is up against the fire place. Since we are talking about putting up more produce from the garden this coming year I will probably need to move the pantry to a cool, dry place. but for now I am only interested in using what is there.

Just from the top shelf, up over my head and out of sight:
  1. Two unopened packages of Splenda packets (how did that happen?)
  2. about 1/2 cup brown and red rice mix
  3. one 14.5 oz can coconut Milk (might just toss that, it has been there a LONG time.
  4. 1/2 bag of stick pretzels
  5. jar of dry garbanzo beans
  6. jar of red lentils
  7. small jar of adzuki beans
  8. Package of Bakers Bittersweet Chocolate
  9. about half a package of Bakers German Chocolate.
  10. Open box of Whole grain Pancake mix
  11. Open box of whole grain Baking Mix
  12. Open box of Pumpkin Pancake mix
  13. Open box of white elbow Marconi
  14. Powder Milk and Gluten flour that I use with the bread machine
  15. Bay leaves
  16. Poppy Seeds
  17. Dill Weed
  18. Chopped dry onion
  19. Cinnamon

This is just the top shelf. I am not sure if I will keep the boxes of pancake and baking mix. I bought the pumpkin mix last year and the baking mix last summer but I don't know when I bought the whole grain pancake mix. I'm thinking I should toss the pancake mixes, whole grain products do not stay nice in heat.

Does Splenda go bad?


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  2. I'll try again and proofread this time.

    What a good idea! I hate to think what may be lurking in the back of my pantry. . .

  3. Thanks Vicki, happens to me all the time!

    That was not even close to all the stuff in the pantry, just the top shelf. I need to get at it again today.

    I think a tamale pie will come from the pantry today. (Good to meet you!)

  4. You are a domestic genius my Dear Friend. Full of encouraging words, surrounded by an eloquent toe tapping excitement in front of the pantry, no less! What a great idea. Thank you from the bottom shelf, which awaits in joyful anticipation for that empty shelf syndrome to arrive... Perhaps sometime mid February! Love it Deb! Keep them coming. My house and garden appreciate you so!!....

  5. Oh wow Leann, too kewl that you found your way here instead of FB. And thanks. Domestic mom (who could not get me to clean my room) will get a giggle from that title.