Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reclaiming Shalom

I am taking back my house one corner at a time. I never lost my home like so many others. There are three men living in my home. I am related to all of them. Sometimes my house starts to look like a flop house or a drop off your stuff, cook and run because there is no time to clean up after yourself. I get it, I've sure done it. Let me back up a little bit.

I am the keeper of the keys at our house. As the only female, I am the one who wants my space to be more than functional even IF we never have anyone over because my guys need to sleep after working graveyard. Though no one else will see it or appreciate it I want vacuumed carpets and clean counter tops. I want the laundry folded and put away. I want the cupboard doors free of yucky greasy finger prints and the stove wiped clean after something has been fried. I don't even mind washing the pots that have been stacked near the sink (next to the empty bottles that have not made it to the recycle bin). I could fret and fuss all day. I want my corner to be Deb ready when I come out to settle in for time in the Word, for prayer and to check out what is going on at facebook. There is no peace on earth to be found in my little corner! How am I expected to pray for my friend and fellow teacher, Eva, whose class I have been subbing in because this young mother has developed an infection in the lining of her lungs and can hardly take a deep breath, never mind that it is hard for her to just get dressed she is so run down. How can I pray for my Uncle Chuck who is scaring my mom with his blood infection (whatever that is?) and trip to hospital? And what about my other dear friend and fellow teacher, Crystal who is also home sick, though she is also young and strong. I just read on facebook that her husband has lost his job, I need my peaceful corner to pray for Crystal. And c'mon, my Pastor has been in and out of the hospital, his wife, another fellow teacher, is tightly wound and trying not to fret, don't I need my corner for that? Oh, and Ray, who has the unhappy job of sending guys home early from work just when they need the money the most, because management doesn't want to do the job. These beloved friends and family need to be prayed for and there is no peace in my place on earth!

Contentment is an inside job. That is the words that used to greet me at my desk in Robe Valley. Contentment is not about the circumstances in my living room. It isn't about wishing someone else had vacuumed or rebooted the dishwasher. It is about the peace that comes because my Savior, my Y'shua has Shalom for me that is greater than my irritation at the family I love for not treating me like the queen of everything. A place on earth to meet with my Lord is nice, but nicer still is my Lord dwelling in me. No props needed. So I lean against the back of a chair, catch my breath and begin to remember just who it is that I serve, that there is much for me to do for those who live in my house, it is my pleasure to serve them as unto my Lord. I only fret when I get fussy that they are not serving me. It isn't even true that they don't serve me, they do so much for me.

It has been a crazy week. I have loved just about every moment. Today is the Sabbath, but I was looking for the wrong kind of rest. It is my soul that needs to rest in the Spirit. I intend to take back my house a corner at a time just for the joy that it gives to all of us, but my rest will be in Y'shua. He is my Peace on Earth, Shalom is here, even in the clutter. Today I want to bless the mess with the love given to me by my Lord, praying while I polish; sharing the soul rest that has been given to me on this Sabbath Day.


  1. Shalom Rainsong,

    There are battles to be fought and won in every Messiah centered home. I rejoice in your settled decision to allow the peace of Yahshua to feed the soul to overflowing. 'His Love is like a cooling river; gentle ever sweet'

    If you'd like please send me a FB request.

    Are you Shabbat Observant?

    Shalom and be encouraged.....I'll remember your situation in prayer.
    Rainsong thanks for your post.

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  3. Shalom Rainsong,

    I'm inviting you to weigh in on a very interesting topic that a blog follower of mine posted recently. I'd like to see your position on it. (The topic is Which Version of the Bible?) I found this the only way to contact you.

    The link is:


    Shalom In Messiah


  4. My dear Sister in the Lord. How I look forward to time spent with you during Bible Study!! We have such fun finding out about our Loving God and Savior, how much He loves us, so much He put on Flesh & Bones to save us from the mess and sin we live in. His peace comes to all the places in our hearts that we surrender to Him. Those little closet spaces that are too messy in our eyes are exactly the places He wants to clean up. I love to let Him do that. He is still working on the closet that held bitterness toward some people I used to know of, but who had a profound effect on my life. How little we know how much we/our lives affect people! Sometimes we just bumble along, sipping from this flower and the next, not realizing we leave behind that pollen which was on our legs and toes. You are special, and loved this Christmas and always.

  5. Beautiful Barb. I love the word picture. You are the master at bringing ideas to life. I do love you deeply.