Friday, January 12, 2018

Matthew 9

 There is so much going on in this chapter, it is easy to miss important details. Like verse 1, He got into a boat and crossed over. It is almost insignificant, yet when I see that phrase, I know what it means. 

Everyone who crosses over are Hebrews. What else do you want to show me Abba? 

- The paralytic: it isn't his faith that brings him to Yshua-Jesus, it is the faith of others. 
Joshua, in Josh 1, is told to "cross over" (1:2) and to be strong and courageous. (Connect to the Almighty and be alert.) 

Did you notice that Y'shua didn't heal the body? The apostle Paul said, "...I am well content with weakness, ...for Christ's sake; for when I am weak,then I am strong." (2Cor 12:10) There is no shame in weakness UNLESS the outward things are more important then the heart.

However, the writers of religious books (scribes) were scandalized! In all their years of writing "How to books" they never once wrote of forgiveness of sin by any Rabbi (teacher). It was such a foreign concept that they accuse Y'shua of blasphemy. But Jesus who loves them, demonstrated his power and healed the man before their eyes. Who are you praying "in faith" for? 

(10-12) the Pharisees could have been called Methodists. They believed in a method of life that makes righteous. They had a strong "us and them" religion. They may have hoped Jesus would join them but are horrified by the company He keeps. To them He said, "learn what it is to be COMPASSIONATE." (Mt 5:7). 

If ever there were "sheep without a shepherd" it would be John's disciples. Trying to carry on without him, looking to other teachers for guidance. To them He taught about the heart (I think the wineskin teaching is about our heart). They knew that Messiah is coming, One who would speak truth to Israel. They kept Torah to the best of their ability yet they had no power, no life in their religion. Y'shua tells them, don't try to fix (patch) what is wrong, don't confine the new life in the old teaching... Be born again, walk by the Spirit, looking to Jesus, the author (of Torah) and finisher.

"Take courage, your sins are forgiven!"