Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cookie Time

For many years now Ray and I have been celebrating Hanukkah to the best of our ability. With the exception of family gatherings, we celebrated Hanukkah exclusively until both boys moved home. They both still love Christmas. But no matter what our spiritual or material focus, I tend to change seasons by baking cookies to give as gifts. I used to send them all to local fire departments. But these days I just give them away to friends and co-workers (both mine and Ray's). The house smells amazing! Now if we can all just stay out of them until they bring joy to our cookie and coffee loving friends.

I put together a list of the cookies, some even have links to my recipes, on Music of Rain. I noticed that I forgot two of Ray's mom's cookies. He will surly be making that marshmallow cream fudge that I wish I could dislike (just for the ingredients) and Rum Balls. Wicked good!
As the overworked waitress likes to say, "Enjoy"


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  2. I've been enjoying your posts and hope to continue having fun reading them.This post gave me some concern. The phrase 'wicked good'. I try not to convey an idea that can be confusing; in calling evil good and good evil. I do know that sometimes we say things which we do not mean to say. I've been guilty of that before. I hope that you are understanding of what I have to say and that I consider you as a friend and a follower of Yahshua most of all.

    Please have a great day and if you have something to add on this matter please do.

  3. Thanks for letting me see your heart on this Yuri. For me it means the treats are rich and hard on the waist-line but it is not my desire to be careless with words. You were brave to post this. Thanks. I'll take these down after enough time has passed for you to have a chance to read this. Again, thank you.

  4. Shalom Rainsong. I've been so busy with work and have not had time to keep up with my good friends' blog.:) I understand your point; as I'm one who must watch what I eat; as I gain weight very easy.

    Thanks for sharing your heart in return.

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    She rights some good articles. I may not agree theologically with some of her (or anyone else's positions) but I've been blessed by her true life stories and became a follower.

    Please say hello to your husband for me.

    Shalom In Messiah.

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