Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Strawberries in my window.

Most of my Asparagus bed has been cleaned up for spring. I used raw compost on the beds. The result has been all sorts of interesting things coming up, most of which I pluck right up. But in one portion of the bed there are strawberries. I have no idea what sort they might be.

Years ago I saw a project in Sunset Magazine to make a living ball of strawberries. It is not looking like a bio-mass of berries yet, but I'm hoping for the best. The project needs to be start in January. I know it is already February, so I am behind the eight ball.
The ground today is frozen still, so I did not get very far. This little patch of strawberry plants (and moss) are all that I have left to clean up. I managed to get enough to to put a few into the mat pot without damaging the plants but the rest will have to wait until the ground warms up. Hopefully that will happen before the asparagus comes up.


  1. A ball of strawberries, that sounds interesting. I can't wait until spring to see if the strawberry plants we planted last summer come back with fruit for us this year.

  2. I bet your plants do come back mee. Hope you get to them before anyone else.

  3. I think this would be the way to keep that darn chipmunk away from my beloved strawberries, if I could make up enough for all 28,000,000 plants I have!
    LOVE the idea and will be waiting to see how yours does.

  4. That must be one fat chipmunk Sue! I like the idea too, even saw one for sale at a nursery a few years ago. I kept the project in the back of my mind, not having 28 million plants to care for already. Mine is a (sub)urban farm and EVERYTHING is in miniature.

    Last fall I started strawberries in a broken down wheelbarrow bed. They should start fruiting this summer. I have a small patch of Rainers at the edge of my lavender garden where it is too shady for lavender or strawberries. There is also a small pot of strawberries from a former neighbor in Robe Valley (where we subsistence farmed for 25 years). So far we have been able to have a few berries in our morning grains from the garden but jam still comes from the farmers market.

    Deborah...who whishes the baskets and mats were less expensive so I could make a few Mother's Day gifts of these.

  5. I think the strawberry ball will work. I read a girls blog that lives in Australia and she gardens in hay bales. I want to try that.
    How much asparagus do you grow. I tried asparagus right out of the ground this past fall when I visited a farm. It was amazing. I want to start growing it in my earth box. I got one for Christmas. I'm not doing anything right now. It's too cold here. We're not getting out of the 30's this week here in Houston and that is unusual to go 5 straight days in those temps. They are saying snow/sleet tonight. Should be interesting.
    ♥ Joy

  6. Hi Joy! I just put purple asparagus in last spring. I am an asparagus rookie. I just wanted a small patch to feed Ray and I a few fresh spears in late spring so I bought two plants and Ray made a pretty little bed for them. Here is where the rookie part comes in... I actually bought two dozen plants (I thought they were a little on the expensive side). We gave away lots of them and stuck the rest into the ground in a 2nd bed right next to the first. We shall see this spring how many first year (two year old) spears we get.

    I hear good things about earth boxes.

  7. So exciting to see spring planting beginning!