Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog's Day

It is still early but it looks like there will be shadows. Here in western Washington it can be difficult to tell which 3 hours was spring. Blooming daffodils are probably a better tell than a rodent who may or may not crawl out of bed to see his shadow. Maybe daffodils are no better than Phil at letting me know when it is spring. I have had to put on a heavy coat for my daffodil walks.

The garden looks like such a wreck today. The dopey mess in front of box 2 is supposed to be killing grass for the next box that will be going in this spring, but all it does is look junky. I should care, but I am into what can be done with the carrots (I need the squares for peas and fava beans) and the new range (stove with oven) that will be delivered to my house tomorrow. WooT! The old one simply will not brown anything, baked or roasted, though Ray has changed elements, timers and thermostats. (he tried to reuse and refresh, not because he is green but because he really is Scottish) Ray wanted to put down new flooring first but the stove came on sale at a price that was too tempting. Carrot cake anyone?


  1. Oh I love carrot cake, I tweaked a recipe I had until I got it just right, if you like I'll share, and you can try it. Don't worry about the "mess", those who garden understand and don't consider it mess. Now my husband has a mess! Mine I tend to overlook seeing only what WILL be there soon.

    This time of year gets hard, you are ready to go out and work, but most of your yard and plot are still sleeping, take it as a sign you are supposed to be resting too. Don't get me wrong, I love using my electricity, but I think it's caused more work than it saved and messed us up internally too. Just my 2 cents.

  2. I would love your recipe Val. The one I finally settled on was a whole foods type, whole wheat sweetened with honey and pineapple, lots of nuts and spice. It sounds like a safe snack and smells like heaven sent it. I have not tasted it yet because I did so much baking, saucing and testing. I love my man for getting this stove for me!! Actually I just love him but this Valentine’s meal should be awesome! Maybe it will include your cake. It is almost pea planting time and there are still carrots in that box.