Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras
I am neither Southern nor Catholic. Living in the PNW the only thing I know about Mardi Gras is that loosely translated, it means "Fat Tuesday" and in Seattle, it is a party. But, then again, any reason to party is reason to get a little crazy in Seattle. Those who are not hung-over or in jail on Ash Wednesday will find another reason to let loose.

The wind is kicking up, the rain comes and goes. Typical stuff this time of year. Wet paws when we walk, pink cheeks when we get home. Not much going on with most of the regular birds this morning. I did see a mess of Northern Flickers. They seem to enjoy the huff and puff of a late February day. Even the Junco's are laying low. So, instead of bird watching, I did what I usually preach against; I picked some of the pussy willows to have in place of the glass beads of Mardi Gras. My dad's voice haunts me, If everyone picked a bouquet there wouldn't be any flowers (or pussy willows) left for anyone. But there it is.

I did notice one new creature on my morning walk. Earth worms out of the earth, struggling across the sidewalks. Lucky for them the Robins were early.


  1. Hey, I've been trying to comment for a couple of days now and haven't been successful. That word verification will not load for me. Hope it works today.
    We had king cake last night that my husbands office in Louisiana mailed over to us. It was huge and we invited the neighbors to help us eat it. Their little girl got the baby.


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  3. Thanks Susan

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