Monday, February 9, 2009


Maybe not too much of a surprise. The last two weeks of January, the first two weeks of February are generally the coldest in the PNW and they are the most likely weeks for us to get snow. The little garden to port is the kitchen herb garden that I recently cleaned up. To starboard is the medicinal garden that still needs attention.

Poor Bomber. If he is not nuts about walking in the rain, I wonder what this will be like for him. On the other hand, it is already looking good for bird watching from the window. If only I can get some actually work done.

Don't be afraid. Jason got new ink on Saturday. He did not believe that I would post this on the same board that I post my Bible studies on. What he forgets is that I love him, ink and all. AND, that Christians love to have a visual when they pray for someone.

From Edges of His Ways
By Amy Carmichael
Deuteronomy 1:28 People greater and taller then we; Cities great and walled up to heaven' Moreover we have seen giants. (Young)

Faith does not hide difficulties or belittle them. "Without being weakened in faith Abraham considered..." (Romans 4:19 RV); let us not fear to consider what we are up against:
  1. as Christians--"principalities and powers mustering their unseen array";
  2. as winners of souls--cities, as it often seems, walled up to heaven, so impervious do they seem, like the temples of India with their high double walls. As missionaries, incidentally, we know what it is to feel the language like a city with very high walls.
  3. Moreover on every side we have seen giants--giants of ancient deep-rooted wrong.

But let us look up. What are all these things--peoples, cities, giants--to the Lord our God?

The Lord your God Who goeth before you, He shall fight for you.

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