Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mallards and a Snow Walk

Pretty little snow flakes are falling. Mr Bomber wasn't sure that it was little dog friendly. The ice did not bother him yesterday but the snow was no joy today. Don't get me wrong, he was not reluctant, just kept turning for home when ever we paused.
Does a bird count for the Great February Bird Count if you can see your yard from where you see the bird?
The official rule is that you can count any bird that you can see from your yard. It does not have to be IN your yard. These were in the park that you can see from my back fence. The shot is shaky but I'm gonna say its not my fault. I had enough battery left for one shot. Just as I got lined up a cat walked by. (See red leash on small terrier above?)


  1. I can relate to the being jerked by the leash. Libby has just about jerked my arm out of the socket. I'll be standing there with her all relaxed talking to a neighbor and she'll all the sudden bolt off for a squirrel or something.
    Love the picture of Bomber on the play equipment. Looks like it was made for him.


  2. Ha! Itty bitty Libby? That's funny. I guess she is made of pretty tough stuff.