Monday, February 23, 2009

It's always something

Stylen Abigail

Jason's Goddaughter

Again, rain was forecast for today, and again, Rudy and I had beautiful weather for our walk. We just went to the park behind the house and back. Chris and Bomber left before we did and got back quite a while after we did. They went all the way to Howerth Park. Good walk guys!

My old wind mill from the park below the house.

After weeks of seeing the same species of birds for the February Bird Count, I finally got to see someone new. On a bare tree in the center of the swamp was an Anna's Hummingbird! He was just sitting by himself on a branch for the longest time. I happened to remember my binoculars (very easy to use when just walking Rudy instead of Bomber). This is actually a first for me. Back in Robe Valley we had little Rufous Hummingbirds and Calliopes but no Anna's. I kept reading about them on Tweeters but never saw any. Whoo-h0o!

After Church on Sunday we noticed a rhythmic tapping as if there were a rock stuck in the tire tread. When we stopped to look, there was this bolt shining back at us, complete with a washer. Arghh!

It is way too easy to look at things like this and believe that the money drain will never end. But really, it isn't so bad, just unexpected. We have another car for Ray to drive to work, this can be fixed, and on top of everything, we have enough. Not an abundance, but we have enough. Life is good because God is good.

Nothing wrong with saying, "I can't take anymore!" but I find that I need to speak that word as a prayer. My husband cannot bear that load, he has his own to carry. My mother, my son's, and friends might all feel sympathy or they might wonder why I don't buck up. It isn't their load to carry. But to say to my God, 'I'm about to sink, save me!' always brings relief. Sometimes the answer comes as refreshment and rest as it did for Elijah. Other times it comes as a gentle rebuke, filled with love, as it did for Peter (o' ye of little faith) as he was lifted from the waves while doing the impossible, walking on water. Either way, there is something powerful to taking it to the Lord in Prayer (I think there is a song ready to burst out).

Today I will tell God what he already knows. There is a big bolt in my tire, there is little money in my account and I feel stressed. And I will thank him for the humming bird, and for what he provides for Chris while he is out of work, and for Jason while he is sick and unable to go to work today (but still has to go to treatment to stay in compliance). For all that he gives us and all that He does not give. We feel His favor, His blessing, and can keep facing forward.

Hey! I think my Nephew Ted is another year older today (maybe his birthday was on the 21st, I am never sure)

Happy Birthday Ted!


  1. What a precious baby girl and a beautiful name.

    We had a nail (actually a bolt) in our tire...I don't know if you read my birthday post, but it happened on my birthday and it went FLAT immediately. But the neatest thing happened that was totally unexpected and totally from God. We knew we were less than 10,000 miles away from needing new tires. Well, when this one couldn't be fixed we took it back to Costco where we purchased the 4 tires from. Because of the insurance, they had to replace all 4 tires because the tread wouldn't match up if they just put one new one on. Anyway, the tires on my car are expensive. Around $200.00 apiece. We got all 4 new tires for $129.00 Can you believe it.

    Like you said, God already knows what you will tell him, but it is important to pray it anyway. Hope all works out and you and your needs are all provided for according to His plan and purpose.


  2. AND... thank you Lord for Joy!
    What an encouraging response Joy.