Monday, December 20, 2010

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

We do not have a tree this year. We talked about going to get a little Charlie Brown tree for $5 from a neglected farm in Machias (between Lake Stevens and Granite Falls on Highway 92) but sadly (or not) when we drove by the farm was closed. As far as I can tell, a Christmas tree is pure pagan so I'm not really broke up about it. I've read the doo-dah's about it being evergreen like Jesus or something like that. I am not convinced. It still seems as pagan as a yule log. None the less, it is one of the scents that I enjoy this time of year.

The view out my window is in shades of deep green and gray. There is a damp chill in the air that persists. Even so, I put a jacket on me and another on Rudy; tucked my garden gloves and clippers into a paper grocery bag and walked to the green area behind the house. As much as he likes to cuddle, Rudy is a terrier at heart and needed to run and hunt rodents even if he needed to wear a jacket in the field. After all he is part chihuahua and longs for warmer places than western Washington. We made one loop around the pond with a side trip to the creek and I had enough boughs without doing damage to any one tree or wild holly. I did make a stop in the front yard for Laurel leaves and Spanish lavender that should have been trimmed at summers end to complete the bundle. Add new ribbon to old glass jars and the effect becomes all that I hoped for.

The last of the Christmas Cookies went with Ray to Kimberly Clark last night. They were just a day ahead of stale. Two weeks with the Jr-high spoiled my Christmas Cookie Plans. Not to worry. I have more ribbon and jam to give away. There are a few more biscotti that are fresh, wild blackberry and strawberry jams and Ray plans to make his mother's Nutz and Boltz to stuff into little bags. That should be enough. And if it isn't, please know that in my heart I wanted to find something expensive and unique for you, but it isn't happening this year.

By the way, The idea for pretty jars of greens came from reading Northwest Nature Nut at

The Jam idea was stolen from Momma Pea of A Homegrown Journal at


  1. Although we do not celebrate Christmas anymore, I can appreciate the beauty of the decorations you made Rainsong. And your simple and peaceful writing style is so refreshing too. And yet your descriptions of your world around you come to me rich and real; but without the pretense of cosmetics.

    I pray that all will be well for you and yours this time of year.

    Shalom IN Messiah.....and thanks to YHWH for your contributions to us your followers here.

  2. You say the kindest things Yuri. We don't much celebrate Christmas, but family and friends do, so we do not ignore it. Besides I was raised with all the memories, it is part of where I came from. I am at peace with the day.

  3. I'm glad you brought some of the outside in. It's nice to just get outside and find some pleasure in all the dreariness too! Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks Nut, Holly-Jolly Christmas to you too. Thanks for posting your pretty pictures. Next year I might get a few more apples from my itty-bitty tree and I will remember your baked apple post...and be able to find it because of the connection with December.