Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Romans 5: 6-8

Would you be willing to give your life for someone else?

If a stranger needed your heart, what would you require of them in order to give it? Would they need to be a good citizen? Maybe that isn't enough. Would they need to have your values? That might not be enough either. How about someone you have loved and they had given you everything you ever hoped for. Would that be enough to donate your beating heart to that soul? Maybe that would be enough. Love might be enough. Maybe not.

How about for a reprobate, someone who despises your name, a person who stands against everything you stand for. Would you give your heart for that person? That is exactly what an apparent stranger did for you. Did you know that? When you were too weak from the pleasure of a dark life, when you did not even want to choose to be a good citizen, never mind a religious nut, that is when you were offered a new heart. YHVH-God did not love us because we were good, or even because we lived our lives within the boundaries of religion. He loved us when we were as attractive as the bathroom garbage pail during "that time of the month". When we were drunk with sin and helpless to respond in anyway but an offensive way, he loved us and offered us his heart in the beating chest of Y'shua-Jesus.

How much does YHVH love us? Do the math. Take the base unit (sinners), multiply times all the rejection he knew (and knows) and it will equal you, the one he gave his heart for.

Personal study of ROMANS 5:6-8

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  1. Praise YHWH for such a beautiful rendition of His unfailing love!