Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Last Morning of January

Lest you are decieved by my optmisum into believing that spring has sprung in the Pacific North West, this is how my deck looked in that same moment the fluffy clouds and blue sky graced my view.

Ye have not passed this way heretofore. Joshua 3:4 This is a new day for you, but He Who loves you meets you at the gate of the day, and at the gate of the new month, and He says, "Fear not, the Lord will give you strength: the Lord will bless you with peace. (Psalm 29:11)
Edges of His Ways by Amy Carmichael
This new day. A phrase filled with hope. Fresh and new. It has been a long time since I have listened to a bird sing, but one was singing this morning. Still warm and in my bed, prayers running through my soul, friends with need that I observe, family that I love, cyber friends whose voice only comes to me in written words. My pastor who must be bathing tomorrows good news in the Spirit that has been bubbling hot in him the last few weeks. My cousin Cathy who is organizing a woman's retreat. To my God who saves all from slavery by the blood of the Lamb, yet requires that we enter covenant with Him if we are to join eternally to him at the Passover Table. I think the bird sang, Amen.

Heavy fog has its mystery and falling snow is cozy from my nest of a quilt but seeing a bit of blue in the sky is a delightful way to be greeted by the new day. Soon enough there will be work to do, challenges to face, joy to draw strength from and maybe the hardest will be the mundane that will require a chunk of my day. But this moment is for hope that sunshine and birdsong in the morning bring.


  1. The only way to start the day. Praying and listening to God's creation. I am often guilty of putting my feet on the floor before I start my day with a prayer. My youngest (9) came down stairs the other morning and told me she was trying to start a new habit of saying "Good Morning God" as soon as she wakes up. I pray she does.
    Thanks for your sweet words,


  2. I'm with you Joy! I have challenged myself to use John MacArthur's Daily Bible to keep both the original and the new covenant (or testament) writings before me in the morning and before bed. I am not so good with the before bed, there is a TV in my room, but when I do practice prayerful reading before I turn off the light, then morning prayer as a wakeup call seems to come to me instead of me having to discipline myself to practice doing it.

    Love your blog!