Friday, November 6, 2009

How good is your Pastor?

Mine is actually Great. I'm guessing that if I was a bit more aggressive about prayer for him and his message, he would be greater still. That is on me, not him, but I intend to carry that burden this week.

…"When, then, will the believers en masse understand that they are primarily responsible for the preaching which they hear, yes, more than their preachers? If every pastor knew and felt that the congregation was praying and that each member had prayed, that the congregation was supporting him, interceding for him... what preacher would not feel himself a new man and whose preaching would not be transformed? Once again, preaching the word is a function and activity of the Church, not the function and specialty of a man…"


Quote from: Pierre C. Marcel in The Relevance of Preaching (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1963)…stolen from Pure Church blog.

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