Saturday, June 25, 2011


Ellensburg has gone green. My mind has a picture of Ellensburg that is dry and yellow except for the cottonwoods that grow along the river banks. Maybe I've just not been to Ellensburg in the spring. The hay fields were green, lawns were green, everywhere I looked the dominant color was green. Oddly enough the town itself has gone Al Gore-Obama green. Coming into the city from Blewett Pass we were greeted by giant white windmills. Driving out of the city we saw bank upon bank of solar panels. That was kind of kewl. At first I thought, "What an eyesore" but I quickly pictured what a dam would do to the landscape and decided that green electricity isn't nearly as bad.

Like it does with everyone else, the economy is not smiling upon us. We are still finding opportunities get out camping. However we try to have a duel purpose to our trips. No more long, exciting trips to Yellowstone and beyond. This trip was about scouting for a deer camp this fall. Too often we go cold, settling in a spot hoping that there will be an animal to harvest.

Last time we got out to camp for a few days we dug clams. They were expensive clams but never mind. The good thing for us is that we love our home state of Washington. As much as we love to travel, as much as we hate what politics have done to our wild places, we still love Washington.

Chris and Bomber came on this trip. Chris just finished his second Tear Drop Trailer and was trying it out. He was pleased with the work. People were sure interested in it.

We loved the signage on this tree. The humor of people who live off the grid cracks us up. The truck was moving when I snapped this, normally I would not post a picture this fuzzy but the picture describes what I saw better than anything I could write. The top sign is a neighborhood watch sign. The next one says, "No Light Beer" and the last one says "No Video Games". Sounds like good rules for life. I wonder what caliber the neighborhood watch is?

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