Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Whole Lot of Nothings

After almost 35 years of making Easter Baskets for my family I got a great idea. Someone else should be in charge of Easter Baskets. On Easter morning there were no jelly beans, no bright cello "grass" or chocolate bunnies. My Easter basket was a small cardboard box that made squeaky noise. Welcome to my world (from left to right) Bertha, Miss Purdy, Stella (formally known as Pecker Head because of her habit of pecking at the sides of the baby box ALL night long) and Lil'bit. When they came to my house they were just downy little black fuzz-balls. I live a very small life. I work from home, I've been almost a year now without a car and my walking partner, Connie, has retired and travels. Since the Nuggets have come into my life I have a reason to get up and get dressed at the start of every day....I do not want the neighbors to see me in my robe when I go out and let the girls out.

As a gardener, the most upsetting thing I have witnessed this year is not the lousy weather hitting most of the United States, it was the television coverage of the Japanese Tsunami. It made my small life, my small scale troubles seem utterly pointless. In America, when we think of emergency preparedness, gardening skills are on the list of top 10 skills. Then I watched that wave cover the Japanese farm land. I was sick for the people of a tiny nation that took care of themselves. Really, the nuclear disaster was secondary to the farm disaster. It has taken me this long to settle in my heart that God is still in control, that He is still Merciful and can be counted upon no mater what this world throws at us. The simple things in life are still the good things.

The little garden is still coming along. After a nasty spring we are on our second clipping of lettuces. Radishes have been eaten and replanted and eaten again. Even small lives go on and the joy of Elohim is still my strength to rejoice for the gift of today as well as being able to face an uncertain tomorrow.

The good thing about the tsunami, the tornadoes, the droughts, floods and the price of gas (we only have a surban now)? Everything, anything, is a chance to practice thankfulness, to rejoice in my small life and the joy that those around me infuse into my days. Little potatoes and plan old onions are a good reason to celebrate life. L'chime! Life is worth the living because Y'shua lives!

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  1. Shalom Rainsong,

    So glad to hear from you again. Yes, no matter what, life is worth living because He lives! Again I thank YHWH for your post. So simple yet refreshing like the rain. Yes we need to practice thankfulness in ALL things.

    Thank you YHWH my Elohim for this lovely post.

    Shalom In Yahshua.