Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bushwhacking on the Mountain Loop

I have had the WORST time putting this video up. It has sound for a while, than it goes mute on both facebook and on you tube. Gurrr! I ended up redoing it from scratch.

This was the first day of Rays Vacation. Ray's nephew Dennis joined us for what was supposed to be a day of easy geo caching but it turned out to be some tough hiking on an overgrown trail. Loved it! At one place we had to step over a HUGE pile of bear poop. That is always a little unsetteling, but the poo was not fresh so most of us did not worry too much. That was actually where my little dog, Rudy Valentine, started to worry when he could not keep Ray and I next to each other. He isn't usually whinny out hiking like he is in this video.

BTW, Dennis tells me that he was not hurt. PRAISE GOD!

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