Saturday, December 10, 2011

Foggy Walk on the Snohomish River Dike

December 9, 2011 Walking the Snohomish River Dike Jason and Ray
The thing that seemed so odd this cold December morning was that we drove away from a home bright with sunshine into the thick fog of the river valley to go for a walk. You might think that since you cannot see very far in the fog that there would be nothing to see. The truth is, when the vista is just off the end of your nose you see what you have missed on sunny days.
It seemed like good duck hunting weather. The season is open. We did see three river boats with hunters as well as a father and son out for duck. The fog was so thick I think most hunters decided to just go to work.
Wet Web overlooking the ponds
More wet webs on weeds

Yet more wet webs. Beyond the winter grass is the river

Ray and Jason

The Path on the River Dike

Chilly mist muffles sound

Pack Leader
Cat tails
River grasses mark the waterway in the fog

Golden Kinglet ???
We had a great time. We laughed (we missed Chris) and watched the dogs romp along. The boys revisited old geo-caches without adding to their total. Geo cashers like to keep track of how many finds they have the way bird watchers like to track birds they find. By the way, we did see a few more birds than the kinglet. Mallards few over us in pairs, apparently unaware of hunting season. A flicker teased the dogs. We could actually hear more birds than we could see. What we did see is the beauty of a foggy winter afternoon....right in front of our noses.
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  1. The word imagery and the pictures reminded me of home when I would go walking in the mists and the peacefulness was so beautiful....

  2. Where is home Aran? I too feel something in my soul when my vision is limited to a few feet. I see things that I miss when the view is grand. Thank you for your kind word!