Saturday, March 4, 2017

Coffee to start the day's Journey

My mom is probably coming home today. Bypass surgery is life-saving but the road to recovery and strength is long. It cannot be walked alone. She has my dad and he is fully committed to being there for her; but my dad doesn't know what many of us who have been caregivers before know. One person, even in the strength of love, cannot do it all. Exhaustion is harsh.

My brothers, my sister-in-law and I have committed the next four to eight weeks of our lives to being full time care givers while my mother recovers. It is as much for my father as it is for my mother. My husband wants to be there for her, but he is committed to taking care of me and our home during this time. That IS how he can best minister to my mom... it makes this old woman able to give this time.

If my mom comes home today, then tonight is my first shift.

"All to Jesus, I surrender... " More then once I have sang this song from my heart. Always I mean what I sing. All to Jesus. Seldom does He ask for ALL. But like Israel who would not leave Egypt without their wives, their little ones or without their livestock because they were not sure what they had that the Almighty would require of them, (Exodus 10:26) I too bring all that I count as mine. Whatever he wants is his. That does not make it simple, but it is simply what we who believe do.

Honestly, the next four to eight weeks is not "ALL," it is only the comfort of my own bed, the sounds of my husband sleeping, the comforting heat of my little dog snuggled against the small of my back. I may be giving the March chores that make early summer in the garden bountiful. For a brief time I am giving up the morning routine of letting the dogs out while I make coffee, and the warm nest of my quilt during morning prayer with the Word (and if I am honest, time on facebook).

Four to eight weeks of my small, normal life because the Almighty answered my prayer for my mother. Hallelujah! I love the grace that is my life. Today I am praying for a manifestation of the Power of YHVH through Y'shua to minister; not just to my mom, but to my dad, my brothers and Sheri, to my sons and my husband, even to my students. I long to hear the words fall easily from the sweet mouth of my LORD, "Well done," because I chose Him instead of the little things that are me.

March 4, 2017
Mrs. Hagerty

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