Monday, March 2, 2009

The Beach at Mukilteo

The Beach at Mukilteo
No scarf, hat or gloves needed, just sun glasses.
Not many birds, at least not once you got away from the Boat Launch. There was a garbage can by the boat launch where the seagulls and pigeons like to hang out. There were these barnacles on the rock wall below the train track. There were as big as Rudy's head, which, according to your perspective, isn't much or is really big for a barnacle.

Down the beach, beyond that place where Pigeon Creek dumps into the bay, I saw a lone Western Grebe and a few more Gulls but that was about all. There could have been more, but Bomber doesn't get "walking" on the beach. I forgot until today that Chris got him from a family on Whidbey Island. He wanted to swim, and he was certain that given the chance he could catch a bird. It was a lot of work not giving him a chance.
Rudy livened up too, but he was excited because Bomber was excited. Bomber wanted to see everything, he wanted to be a dog on the beach, but leash laws and not being absolutely sure we would ever see him again prevented us from granting his hearts desire!

I wanted to bring Ray's GPS to track distance, couldn't find it before we left, I'll try again later.

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  1. Glad you all had a sunny day and enjoyed your outing.

    ♥ Joy