Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Being Prolife

While in Sunday school this morning, the subject of abortion and a Pro-life stand came up as a side issue. All the usual words about the right of the child. All words that I deeply and whole heartedly agree with. But sitting there in my Sunday school class, surrounded by like minded friends, it occurred to me that the church is allowing the world to lead the discussion, even in our private, one-sided talks.

Does a prolife stand start with a crisis pregnancy?
It is my view that by the time a woman has a crisis pregnancy, many life affirming principals have already been violated. The question of choose life or choose death is almost an afterthought to the sin that has lead to this crisis. I know this might be a little bit uncomfortable, but for me, being prolife is not about the fetus or an unwed mother. And it isn’t about the ability to finance a child.

I have never tried to nail down just how I explain what I believe. Before I start, I want to say that Jesus accepts us right where we are. The debt of our sin has been paid. The pain of the sin that was committed against us will be exchanged for the comfort of His own Holy Spirit if only we are willing to accept that by acknowledging His Lordship of our life by faith. (Send me a note if you want to know more)

My world view says that being prolife means one man who keeps his vow of marriage to one woman for as long as they both shall live. Being prolife also means that you walk away from violence. It means that mothers and fathers put their spouse above the children that they have. I do not know just how a man’s heart works, but I know that there is something about becoming a mother that changed my whole life. Not only would I have been willing to give a kidney for my child, I would give my heart, step in front of a charging bear, or just put their needs before my own. I knew love before I became a mother, but I did not know the love that would give up everything for someone else.

Being prolife means that I love my husband with a greater love then the love that I have for my child. Why? Because my children need me to love my husband to grow up with a healthy understanding of true love. They should not feel the emptiness that drives so many to “hook up” and give away what is meant to be kept until marriage vows are said.

Being prolife means that we are careful with our daughters not assuming that others can be trusted with our little girls. There are predators in the neighborhood and they target our little girls.

Being prolife means that we protect the eyes of our sons. I know that I failed my sons in this area. It isn’t just from movies and porn. All it took was a pretty girl holding a Thrush Muffler in a car magazine to make my sons sit up and pay attention. Three times in the Song of Solomon it says to not arouse or awaken love before the proper time. (SOS 2:7, 3:5 and 8:4). Because it is addressed to “the daughters…” it may be easy to believe that this is for girls. But I say that this is also for our sons. Protecting their eyes is not just about dictating what a woman can wear. It is about NOT encouraging our daughters with positive feed back for looking sexy (they look desirable even in school uniforms) but about teaching our sons to protect their eyes, to see a woman instead of a possible hook-up. How can we do that unless their dads honor their vows to their wives, putting each other before all else.

Unexpected pregnancies happen. Mother and child need loving support (mom will have enough fear and condemnation for herself without our help). I would hang from the chandelier to support mom in a choice for life. But lets not let the world lead the discussion, I want to talk of prolife in how I live and teach my children BEFORE there is a crisis.

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  1. From a mans perspective, or at least mine, they father must turn that ME attitude into a WE attitude. Being a Husband and a father means you are willing to give up yor life to protect your fammily, you provide for them and ....well everything you pointed out, the husband and wife need to become a team. "Become one flesh" as it is written.

    I used to get alot of questions on how i made my marriage last. In their conversations all i heard was ME, my , I , needs not getting met. I would have them right ME in big bold letters on a sheet of paper with a heavy marking pen. ( go ahead and try it now). now take that paper from the bottom edge turn it over and read it, what does it say. WE, the i would explain that all I heard in their complaints was me, me me. and tell them their conversation must become WE, what are the needs of your spouse and/or children. You are not alone in this world what about your spouse.