Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 2010 Garden: Post 1 February 25

Rain was expected today. Blue sky kept asserting her majesty. The whole family went to Lowe's with me to purchase the items to finish the garden. For the moment, my project is complete. Now I wait; for sprouts, for the next planting day and and the weather reports.

Peas went in this afternoon, five square feet, 36 to a square. The sweet peas are only 16 to a square. Now that they are all tucked into the loam, I wonder if I should have got at least one climbing type instead of all short vines. I'll plant more peas in mid March. Maybe then I will put in my favorite variety, Maestro. It is a short vine, only about four feet tall, but still needs support. I am so annoyed with myself for not reading the label closer on the shell peas I chose. The company is in Oregon but the packet clearly says that the seed is from China. How did I miss that? I would rather support American farmers then an agro business in a country whose organic practices I am not sure of. Live and learn.

Just in case the weather does not take a snow day in March, I took a chance and planted one square of bok choi and one of spinach. The first week of March I want to plant more squares; two of lettuce, more bok choi, a chard, a Brussels sprout and a couple of broccoli.

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