Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sun Breaks

Sun breaks. That is what we say in Western Washington if we expect that the day will not be Rain with showers at times. Yesterday there were sun breaks. I hurried out to putz without a hood. Now my back hurts. I think my mornings are going to start with prayer, meditation and crunches.

Meanwhile, out in the toy box (that is what my garden looks like after looking at pictures of Constance's French Intensive garden in Texas with her 4' x 60' rows) I need to find a way to keep my seeds from drowning. After Church I am going to cut a square of clear plastic to drape over the top of the cage. I have some picnic table-cloth weights that attach with alligator clips. I am hoping that will keep them on for me. I don't want a cloche or greenhouse so I am not going to bring the plastic to ground level. I just want to keep it from getting muddy. Pictures and a success % later.

The picture is the result of a raccoon getting into the box. I guess he didn't like that tag. Ray bought hardware to secure the cage to the box.


  1. I absolutely love your toy box! I would play in it with you anytime with great delight!

    Because sometimes as I look out upon my five acres they seem endless as I contemplate creating the whole thing into an edible landscape.

    Yes, the feeling of being finished rarely comes to me here. It is the same with my spiritual journey matter how intensively I cultivate the landscape of my soul.

  2. Grin, I wanna play to C, but the garden has the good sense to stay asleep for a bit longer.

    I don't think it is just your 5 acres, but the feeling of nourishment that you are cultivating with the dinners, the massage, the Spirit of our God that is ever present with you. The healing you have found will be ministered to others. That is only finished by Y'shua.