Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Five Days Later

Thar be (macro) micro-greens Captain!

The excitement I feel when seeds and water are added to dirt makes no sense. They are doing exactly what they were created to do. Even so I feel nearly as deep a sense of joy for sprouting seeds as I do about the news of a new baby.

Constance of Angel Farm has a much simpler way of growing micro greens. No dirt, no container except for the lid to a Styrofoam egg carton. Next time I grow micro greens I am going to try her way. She recommends tiny tomatoes with micro greens. Maybe they can still grow tomatoes in Texas. Mine are probably nine months out. There are some good things about living in this era; Trader Joe's sells trays of current tomatoes. After wondering who had to pick those tiny little toms and who ate the little ones. Now I know.... me!

These are the mixed greens (all lettuce) that I planted on the 1st (my odd way of celebrating the New Year). So far the paper pots are holding up well. Now, to find enough light to keep the babies happy. Why didn't I think of that earlier? I think last year I got out my sadd's light (multi-spectrum winter light) for my seedlings.

Back to work (school work that is) so the babies can grow in peace.

Ray just came home from graveyard and announced, "It is a cold, COLD rain out there." The wind is coming fast from the South and it should get up to 47 but it doesn't feel very warm.


  1. I hope you have more success that I do. I've never been able to start a plant from seed. It gets about 2 inches high and then something goes wrong. I have no idea.
    I like the newspaper pots. I've done the toilet paper roll pots before but not the newspaper.
    ♥ Joy

  2. This is the first time that I've tried newspaper pots. They seem to be holding together well. I sort of wish I had made them on a smaller glass or on a tomato paste can.
    That is weird that seeds do not work for you. But then again, I can grow most vegetables and am famous for doing poorly with most flowers. Seems like it is the same sort of idea don't ya think?

    I LOVED the Beth outfit !!

  3. A lovely sight on a snowy day! Maybe I should go start some sprouts...

  4. I like planting mine in newspaper pots also!

  5. It is something I have just learned to do mee. I hate paying for peat pots every year. I've used yoghurt cups too, but even reusing those cups, they will never break down and still eventually end up in the trash. I've been buying larger tubs of yoghurt, there are still a distressing number of tubs to deal with. I need to just learn to make yoghurt (almond milk too... which is actually easy, I just have not done it regularly… but this may be another thread)