Saturday, January 8, 2011

Swans and Snow

The snow was tardy. We were promised snow and snarled traffic last night but at first light the garden all but glowed green. We decided to go do a little birding. This snow shot was toward the end of our day near Lake Bosworth.
There have been rumors of a Sand Hill Crain grazing with the Swans in Stocker Field near Snohomish. We did not see the crain but as we drove past Harvey Field (which is actually a little airport) we did see my nephew David getting the mail. He works at the airport.
Looking toward Everett, it doesn't look like snow clouds.
Walking the dike along the Snohomish River. Swans. Coots too. There were mallards.... or maybe they were just decoys. Hunting season seems to attract lifeless birds.... and I don't mean the feathered kind
Pretty Abby and her mom. Turns out Abby is frightened of gunshot and mom didn't realize it was hunting season. The sound of guns do not bother Rudy so she walked with us for a while thinking Abby would notice that the sound did not bother Rudy. Isn't that funny? Everything else seems to bother Rudy. It was all for nothing. Abby was still freaked out by the sound of shotguns. Poor thing. At least she didn't drag mom back to the car. Mom got her after a thunder storm. Found her running from the sound. Humm.
It is hard to tell but when we got to Lake Conner (a pond really) It was just starting to snow. You can see it against the trees. Or maybe this is just a really bad picture.
Swans from Ray's camera. This was still along the flats.
Really Rudy, I wanted the shot of the Birds, but if you really want your picture taken, ok.
Hey, the Seahawks won! Everywhere we went today people were saying, "Can you believe the hawks are plaing in a play-off? What a joke." Sounds like the joke was on the Saints. Whoot, whoot!

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  1. Rainsong,

    Thanks for the swans and snow and taking a picture of Rudy too :). The face of winter......I was thinking about it the other day and came to the conclusion that I really like winter.....especially when I feel like winter looks.

    Thanks for sharing your outing with us. :)