Tuesday, October 20, 2009


From Amy Carmichael's "Edges of His Ways"

for October 20.

This morning I read the Smyrna Letter and found that the word "tribulation" in Revelation 2:9 means the pressure of the stones that grind the wheat, or that force the juice out of the grape.

The making of Bread and Wine, nothing less, is the purpose of that pressure; and He Who weighs the winds measures the force of the pressure. Of this we can be sure. What about our prayers for those who are under pressure? Are they of the earth, earthy, or are they Heavenly in Quality?

How often have I found myself asking for relief for those I love, just simple blessed relief from the grinding pressure of the stones; but would not another, a braver, deeper kind of prayer help them far more?

Bread and Wine—the very words are hallowed. Let us pray alongside our Lord as He makes of mortal souls, through pressure, something that will be used for the life of the world, Bread and Wine.

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