Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Journey

Teach me, O LORD, the way of thy statutes; and I will keep it to the end. Psalm 119:33 RSV
I love Psalm 119. I remember feeling dread when it came up in the monthly rotation of Psalms because it takes so long to read. To much information to take in when I wanted to get through my five Psalms in a day. Now I love to linger here. I have hardly graduated from Hebrew preschool but I know enough to understand that each Hebrew letter has a testimony to tell. This verse, Psalm 119:33, is part of the story of the fifth Hebrew letter, Hey.

ה Hey is the letter of the divine breath of God, the Holy Spirit. It represents revelation and light from the LORD-YHVH. Hey is shaped somewhat like a hut with a window. The often used word, "behold" is from the idea of Hey. When I see the word "behold" when Y'shua-Jesus is speaking, I know that I am about to get a glimpse beyond the physical realm into the heavenly. Pay attention to what comes next. Hey tells of the creative power of the Almighty, the Creator.

Teach me, often translated, cause me, is translated from the Hebrew 'howreeniy' The Hebrew root is yaw-raw' (Strong's #3384) meaning to flow like water or to rain. It also is used of shooting an arrow or to point with the finger the way, which gives the word the meaning, "to teach". In this verse yaw-raw' has the letter Hey as a prefix. As a prefix Hey is translated as the definite article, "the". The teaching of the Almighty becomes "the cause" of what comes next.

The way of thy statutes; Life is a journey. Believers in Messiah have repented from going our own way and have turned (repented) to go The Way of Messiah. "The Way" is the journey and "thy statutes" are like the key on the map or The prescribed Way of YHVH. Therefore the Divine Breath, which we call the Holy Spirit of God, is the understanding, the insight to God's heart and Word, that directs me on the path of life.

Imagine that you are lost in the thick forest. Never having been here before you have no point of reference to find your way home. The guidance of the Spirit is like a gentle breeze. It does not force you to go anywhere like a hurricane would. The Spirit needs to be paid close attention to. At times we need to stop for a moment and meditate on the direction of the breeze, to hear the testimony of the Spirit's whisper in the ear of our heart. Walk before our God in righteousness. He is directing you home with an intimate gentleness that requires use to pay close attention to the end.

Mrs. Hagerty, reposted February 19, 2017

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