Friday, June 25, 2010

A Tomato Tear-drop

Two full days of summer in the Pacific Northwest and the garden responds.
When we were putting up a new home in Robe Valley I learned to appreciate container gardening. That year I was limited to a tiny knot garden and potted plants. I have kept potted plants ever since. Most of these are herbs growing on the back deck, Parsley, basil, dill, bay laurel, pink lavender and a mixed pot of parsley, chives and golden marjoram. Then there are those pretty strawberries. Two of my four square foot gardens, which technically are container gardens, are in the background.

June 25: One tiny, tear-drop of a tomato. My very first! It is a Siltz Tomato. I didn't lead with this picture because it was so difficult to get that little baby in the cross-hairs. There is so much going on in this pot that my auto focus couldn't figure out what I wanted. I always liked auto focus before, now I wish I could shut it off if I need to.

Kathy R gave me two zucchini plants. The flowers always look like they come from Hawaii to my eyes (having never been to the island state). Thank you Kathy, they look like they are doing well. Those are lemon cucumbers in the smaller pot. They should probably be thinned.

That tiny tiny sprout is a cucumber. Big deal you say? Probably, but this is the third time I have replanted cucumbers and the first time I have seen a sprout. The PNW has been so cold and wet this year, I am amazed that I have anything at all. God is good to create things that are determined to do well. Dumb-luck gardeners like me are thankful.

Calendula, in my top ten herbal flowers. Nice medicinal, pretty plant.


  1. I really noticed that my plants seem to have responded to the sun as well. I'll have to see if any tomatoes have started here, at least there have been some flowers. Your containers look pretty all grouped together, and I see Strawberries!

  2. Aw, thanks, and I bet you find a little green tomato or three!

  3. Good luck with that tomato. Its lookin' good.
    I don't do well with containers for some reason. SFG is fine but the pots don't do what I expect. I have a few now with basil, lemon balm, zucchini, cantaloupe and toms doing pretty well but one of basil died and the cantaloupe and lemon balm looks like its going the same way.
    Keep up the great work with containers.

  4. I am especially sorry to hear about your cantaloupe Bea. My lemon balm always just survives in a container, it only thrives in the worst soil and light conditions outside of a container but when I lived on the edge of a national forest I kept it in a container. There are some things that should not be let loose in a forest; lemon balm is one of those things. Wish we had all been that careful with ivy, huge, invasive problem in the forest. In or out of a container, I need nice, sunny days for basil. We have not had that this year and the slugs are winning the race. Love your blog girl!