Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farmers Market to Dad Day Dinner and Dessert

Rain, rain rain. We LOVE the Farmers Market when it rains. Really, No, really, we do!

Church was good, but as soon as it was over we hustled out to the market after a stop at Starbucks (hi Rebecka!!). Our favorite farmer from Fox Island in Skaget County had a big load of Strawberries for a fine Fathers Day dessert.
This cool wet weather means that the asparagus is still coming. So are the greens. You wouldn't think that the berries would be sweet in this weather, but oh, my, yes they are!

This little dolly likes the sweet cherries!

Brave souls in the rain at the market. It did get a little crowded under the quick shade. Do you still call it quick shade when it is a rain cover?

This bakery uses all Washington State ingredients, except for the lemon in Rays favorite Lemon-Sour Cherry Bread.

Just past the boys head are raspberries. Everyone has strawberries, but these were the only raspberries I saw. By the time I asked if I could take her picture for my blog this little cutie walked by and blocked the evidence.

Market treasure.

Did I mention that Ray got a new BBQ? He put it together while I made ice-cream. All those umbrellas and we are ready for the western Washington outdoor life.

Simple Strawberry Ice-cream. You can find my recipe and loads of how to pictures at Music of the Rain:


  1. I love love Farmer's Markets. Our goes thru the end of June and then starts back up in September. Those strawberries look so good.
    Glad he had a great Father's Day. The new bbq looks like it will definitely get the job done. Stay dry.
    ♥ Joy

  2. Thanks Joy! I keep a small garden an like to see how my produce looks next to theirs. My strawberry beds are small and young so I still buy my berries from markets. Same with asparagus. When I read about the south it seems like a whole different world (gardening). Those who live there seem to love it.

  3. What a great looking Farmer's Market. They really are a lot of fun to go to. This year we need lots of umbrellas if we want to be outside don't we? :) That's a really nice looking barbecue!

  4. I agree Catherine (and welcome to Rainsong). There is something cozy about sharing an umbrella with a dear friend in the rain. The scent of coffee wafting up and filling your portable shelter is almost romantic. For whatever reason, people seem friendlier when it rains at the market. Maybe because only the die-hards brave the down pour for a good box of berries and paper wrapped sweet pea bouquet’s.