Monday, June 28, 2010

Lavender is almost ready

Hidcote has gone from little green arrows to a nice deep purple and sunshine fragrant.

This is pink Melissa, one of my very favorite lavenders for baking. She has been stuck in a pot since we left Robe Valley. Looks like it is time to take some cuttings and get that sunny lavender garden out of my dreams and into the yard.

Just last year, Ray and I found this Provence at Jardin d'Solai. I could never get this one to live through winter at Robe. Our last winter was quite mild. There are a few buds, very few, should be just enough for.... something.

Originally this garden was going to be a moonlight garden. We bought two white lavenders just for this garden from smaller growers on the Olympic Peninsula. I did not bother to keep the tags that came with the plants. Both assured me that they were white lavenders. It is a little early to tell, but this one is lavender (pale purple).

This is the other "white" lavender. Last year every blossom was medium purple. I was starting to think there was something wrong with my soil. This year, about half the blossoms are medium purple and half are actually white. There is a very small Nana Alba just behind this one, too small to blossom, from a plant I had in Robe that always gave white blossoms. If that one comes up purple I'll know it is the soil.

This is Miss Katheryn. The buds have not blossomed yet so it is a little difficult to tell, but she is a sweet pink on a very petite plant. This is her first year so I do not know how she is for baking yet.
Feeling a little bit mellow now.


  1. I love lavender...but have no luck growing it...yours is lovely

  2. Really? It always looks just a tad ratty to me. Thanks for the encouragement. And you joined my itty bitty blog? You bless my heart.