Friday, July 2, 2010


Surprise! My car was stolen early this morning. The only thing I saw on the security camera was tail-lights. That is such a unsetteling feeling. It isn't even the first time it was stolen, it isn't the 2nd time, this is the third time and it doesn't feel any better than the first time. It is an older Honda Civic that I only use for errands but it doesn't help. Hondas are beyond easy to take and start. I have a cyber friend in Thailand who put into words what I have been thinking, "What is God doing? Praise him before it becomes clear, this was no accident."
Surprise! After I settled down, a walk about the garden to see if anything was new seemed like a good idea. Raspberries are coloring out.
Surprise! Twelve tiny jars of wild blackberry jam. Now I need to make a little bit of bread or popovers. Like my mom used to do, I save the "foam" that gets skimmed off to use fresh on bread. This is so good. The hill is still covered with ruby berries that should be ripe just about the 4th of July.
This Calendula blossom wasn't really a surprise. I have been watching her slowly open for the last two days. Looking good today.
This is just the bouquet of the week with my squarefoot gardens (three of them anyway) in the background. Box 1 has three kinds of peas (snow, snap and shell or English), carrots, beets, chard, lettuces, a tomato and sweet peas. Box 2 holds more lettuce, broccoli, sweet purple torpedo onions, cippolini onions, shallots, leeks, more chard and snapdragons. Box 3 has tomatoes (3 paste and a yellow persimmon), three kinds of beans, basil, carrots (because carrots love tomatoes), and peppers. Seems like there is something else but I don't remember what. I am starting to love my back yard.... who really needs a car anyway?

Friday, July 2; overcast, showers likely most of the day, low-53 high so far (noon) 73


  1. Shalom rainsong. That is such a nice name for a blog; for is sounds like someone who lives close to nature and to natures God. I Like your response to your blessing (in disguise) of your car being stolen.

    The raspberries look so good. We only get it as jam here. It sure would be neat if you could post some right to our kitchen table. Now that is an idea for someone to make a mint on:).

    This is the second time visiting your blog. My daughter was saying just the other day that she would like for us to get back to gardening.

    Anyway, thanks for the wild blackberry jam; even if I can only look at it. :)

    Shalom in Messiah

  2. Oh my, thank you! I was just hoping to have enough to give away at winter and to maybe make a couple of jelly donuts. I do miss being able to run out and hop in the car if I want, but I have SO much even without it that it seems selfish to fuss about such a thing when my God has never left me in need. I looked at your blogs, very nice, I'll be back! And when you start your garden I will come have a peek.

  3. Sorry to hear about your car being stolen. I had that happen once too, it was the strangest feeling. I hope they find it soon in good condition.
    The raspberries look like they'll be so good. I love homemade blackberry jam. We used to find the wild blackberry patches when we were younger so my Mom could make jam for us. I had never heard of using the foam on bread, it sounds good.
    Happy 4th!

  4. Thanks for the car wishes! So few people make jam anymore that I get to wondering if everyone eats the foam or if they throw it out. The foam and any little bit left after the jars were full were put into a dish so we could all have a taste of jam without opening a jar. The foam settles. Mom used to make biscuits for a butter and jam on hot biscuits lunch on jam making day (I survived white fatty biscuits with sugary jam and fatty butter as a treat lunch, not so good for me now). These days I just put out some bread and the toaster (peanut-butter too). Back then she only put wax over the jam. I guess the foam made for a bad seal?

  5. We do have a small flower garden just outside our door Rainsong; does that count? :) Go to Growing in Him; that is the name of my daughter Eden's blog and she has some pics on there of the flower garden. It's a bit to warm now for most flowers (like 85F and up) but the pics she took are only a few weeks old.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Shalom for now. Oh and your pics today are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for counting in our little house-side garden.:)

    And thanks for becoming a follower on my blog. I hope you get some spiritual nourishment there. I certainly like the ease with which your posts read. It certainly conveys peace rest and fun.


    ps A correction on my daughter's blog. the link is