Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lotsa pics, too few words

Sunday morning, 4th of July. It did not feel like a holiday. I think the temperature got all the way up to 61. I do not think that I have ever seen this tree bloom. I have given school children the what-for these last ten or so years for playing on it. Finally it does something to let me know it was worth rescuing. I still don't know what it is, but I like it.
Right after church we went to the Everett Farmers Market on the 4th. The sky was still dreary but the purple fireweed looks bright in front of the gray marina and the even grayer sky. I had planned to make ice cream but it was just too cold out. I still have berries and it is heating up today (July 6)
I guess the theme for today is "Tree Fruit" These are yellow transparent that look neither yellow nor transparent.
One bright, pretty pie cherry.
We went for a walk on the river early this morning. I think we need a tree at home that grows fishing gear like this one does. It might be hard to see, but there is a red and white bobber hanging from the branch, almost ripe and ready to pick.
Some day I will learn and remember the actual name of this flower bush. I have looked it up a dozen times. It used to grow outside our fence in Robe Valley. In early summer Ann and I would walk up old mountain roads in the evening. I always call it Annie's flower because she used to gather a few for her table. She though the scent was just like warm peaches.
Hello Mickey! We met this ol' boy coming up the trail looking for someone to play football with him. He dropped it at our feet, at bombers feet.... Rudy wanted nothing to do with the big ol' drool machine.
Bomber LOVES Geo-Caching. I know I said we were out for a walk, but really, my guys do not go for walks unless there are caches to find. I found a Cedar Wax Wing, a Belted King Fisher and all the other tweeters I usually find by the river. I am pretty sure that I saw a Gold Finch in the trees near the parking lot but didn't get a close enough look to know for sure.
Deborah.... waiting to see what the sun brings!
Tuesday, July 6: Clear skies, bright and sunny.
71 degrees at noon, 76 is the predicted high.

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