Friday, July 9, 2010

Fertilizer Friday on July 9

Oregon Spring
There is a very sweet gal who goes by Tootsie. She has people all over the web posting beautiful pictures of what is blooming in their gardens on Fridays. I have been looking at some amazing gardens. I'm not really much good with flowers. If I look carefully I can find a few that grow simply by dumb luck. In honor of Tootsie (and all the pages I look at that led me to her) here is a Fertilizer Friday from a vegetable gardener in Everett, Washington.

Early Blue Still not a flower, but It did look pretty in the morning light.
Rabbit Ear or Spanish Lavender.... It depends on who you ask. This grows in the front garden with hardly even a thank you.
No idea what this is. (OK, I do know it is a Rose) Ray rescued it from a tangle of weeds in the back garden and moved it near the sidewalk. It looks like a yellow rose (duh) with red flames (double duh) but as it opens it will have just about all the colors of the sunset at different stages.
It probably is not easy to tell, but this is white lavender, just getting ready to burst into blossom. . . . if you can classify lavender as "bursting" into blossom.
Is this a weed? It came up through the mint by the north fence. What ever it is, I rather like it.

Miss Kathryn Pink Lavender, the first to blossom, the first to need snipping. It smells a little on the purfumy side to cook with. I like a tad more camphor to balance the sweet for cooking. But I had to clip and pic the first. Sweet Melissa is blooming by the back gate. The Hidcote keeps getting a darker shade of purple every day. The Provence looks like it is struggling to blossom but is quite alive and I am hopeful to have a bit of this classic for my herb tin.

HOT (ok, hot for the PNW) Highs kissing 90 degrees, clear blue sky.


  1. Hello Rainsong,
    I believe that purple flower is a cornflower ( It is considered a weed by many and will propagate rapidly, but it is very pretty and I noticed last year that goldfinches like to eat the seeds.

    Best Regards from WNY

  2. Thanks! There is also a pink Fox Glove coming up, another weed. I let them grow because they are not in the veggie garden.

    BTW, good to meet you...liked the owl blog.

  3. You can post whatever you have growing for Fertilizer Friday and you do have some great things growing there. I am so anxious for our blueberries to starting ripening, one of my favorite things that we grow to eat. I love the white lavender, I only have purples growing. That Cornflower does spread, but it's such a pretty one.

  4. Catherine your blog is one that encourages me to post on Friday. Yours is BEAUTIFUL!