Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Vacation 2010

We started with Family Camp at Silver Lake in Watcom County. We were both feeling run down because of the theft of our car. I think everyone else at family camp just thought we were anti-social jerks. The blues will do that to you.
We tried to have some fun at Family Camp. This is the one trip that Ray puts on the pink... Pink Flamingo that is. Deb has a collection of Pink Flamingos that Ray displays at Family Camp. I don't think anyone else appreciates it, but we have fun with it.
This is the only evidence that Chris was with us.... his truck and some kayaks. I think he might have been feeling the weight of loosing the car too. He ended up not putting the boats in the water.... which sort of added to our anti-social jerk status (he brings them for the campers). The day we were going to launch the kayaks, we went for a morning walk. All kinds of weirdness happened on our way to the beach. Ray was after a geo-cache, Chris was feeling our stress, and me? Way out in the forest where it was hot and muggy, while in a dress and boat shoes. I drew an arrow in the path to let the guys know I went back to camp, Rudy panicked when he could not find me, Chris was caught between finding what happened to Ray and needing to be on the beach. When we all met back up at camp we felt better even though a bit guilty about missing the group at the beach. God bless Barb for checking on us (sorry about that Barb). Really, we do love our church, but just couldn't take care of beach fun this year. We did not hear one way or the other if it was an issue for anyone. I should have said something, but it did not seem right at the time. Oh well.
The pictures are out of order. This is the first day at Salt Creek on the Straight of Juan de Fuca. The first pretty day of vacation. Before sunset the fog rolled in thick.
Later that same day at Salt Creek. Or maybe this was the next morning. Ray and I went for a walk while Jason slept.
Beach Hoodoo that someone made from kelp and drift wood
What happens when a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it? I don't know if it makes a sound or not but it does get pretty with fungus things.

Canada is out there somewhere

Found the beach at the end of the trail.

One of many tide pools

I remember years ago when our local beach was still covered with shell fish.

On our last day the sun burst through. It was my only chance to get out for sunset pics. I came close! But I am such a dope. I kept glancing up at the sun to check how close it was to setting. I had such a headache from that. I bailed before it actually set but I like the pictures all the same.

We got Rudy out on the Kayak twice during vacation. I would not go so far as to say he liked it, but he was OK with it. He jumped on by himself, even walking through the water the second time to get on board. If you knew my Rudy you would know what a big deal that was. He doesn't like water, even though if Ray or I are taking a shower he wants one too.
We survived and a good time was had by all (for the most part at least)


  1. Family Camp looked like fun. I love the pink flamingos. You took some amazing pictures. God's creation is just magnificent isn't it.


  2. Thanks Joy! The flamingos started as a joke. When we bought our trailer the boys gifted us with pink flamingos (now that we are ...Trailer trash). The collection kept growing. What you see in the photo isn't even close to what we have. I still get a grin when I collect a new "piece".

    I am told that family camp is a lot of fun. I have to limit my fun to the edges of the day because of heat sickness (whatever it is actually called) We Kayak and hike in the early and late parts of the day. I sit close to the AC in the afternoon. It makes me feel like a vampire, everyone else loves the heat of the day... just like I used to. My guys love me and put up with it. Pastor has terrific devotions at both ends of the day but the children are not as fun to watch than.

  3. Shalom Rainsong,

    Thanks for sharing your vacation photos with us. The contrast between the fog and clear skies is amazing. The many scenes of the Ocean remind me of my neck of the woods here in Bermuda.

  4. Elohim willing, someday we will bring our Camera to Bermuda. I do not know why it surprises me that you have fog in Bermuda; they just never publish those pictures on the travel pages.

  5. Rainsong,

    Very seldom do we have fog here. However, maybe two months ago we had a very dense fog roll in from off the sea. It was something that I've only seen one other time in my whole life here. One minute it was clear and like 2 minutes later I looked out the window and I could scarcely see 100yds or so.

  6. Oh... and by the way please let me know when you guys are ready to bring down the camera....hopefully it will be good timing for us as well.....would love to show you guys around.


  7. Grin, thanks Yuri! We are ready today.... our money, not so much.