Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Will they be jam? Maybe pie? They could just top a bowl of yogurt or ice cream. It is possible that they will only be popped into my mouth some warm day. I know that I have already claimed them but really there is no reason to expect that the very bird who planted the vine might not eat the fruit. These are outside of the fence so I'm not sure that it is OK to cover them with a net. But I am sure thinking about it. Before the grass got long I could see blossoms all up and down the bluff.

Another "if"
If I find myself half-carelessly taking lapses for granted,
"Oh, that's what they always do,"
"Oh, of course she talks like that, he acts like that,"
then I know nothing of Calvary love.


  1. hmmm that's a dilemma. I know you want to reap that harvest. Those are hard to resist.
    ♥ Joy

  2. I used to be a bird watcher. Then two terriers came to live with me. Now the birds are dog watchers. Maybe they are distracted enough for me to get a bucket of ripe berries.