Thursday, June 9, 2016

Morning Devotions: Mark 11:24

Every one of the disciples heard Y’shua-Jesus curse the fig tree. Some of them probably had the same reaction I have had in the past. Weird. When they walked by the tree in Mark 11:20, Peter noticed that the tree had withered. WOW After everything they had witnessed, the withered fig tree caught Peter’s attention. 
Apple Tree at The Toy Box Suburban Farm (our fig tree is still a twig)
Look Rabbi! The tree you cursed has withered! 
Y’shua used the moment to drive home a point about prayer. 
Have faith in the Almighty knowing that it is his will, not ours that we are praying for. 
“Therefore I say…” is from a Greek word we have given to some of our favorite toys, Lego. It means to sit (rest) and put something together. When you ask for something while praying, you will receive it. Have confidence in that. Take hold of it, act on it. 
How about you? If you are born again, you can ask for anything you need to do the ministry, you can ask for anything you desire, but ask with the confidence we have as the Almighty’s precious children. The world, the playground of the devil, will try to bully you into thinking that you don’t matter, why would the Almighty answer you? You tell that snake to get behind you, your confidence is in your Abba, your papa-God! Not in the devil's lies. 

Ask for what you want, seek it, knock on heaven’s door! 
Mrs. Hagerty 
April 14, 2014

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