Sunday, December 24, 2017

Psalm 113

 "Who is like YHVH our God?#Psalm 113:5a

From first light to starlight, YHVH is worthy of praise. From now until all of eternity I will bless His Name, to kneel as I adore Him is a delight to these old bones! Not because my LORD is a tyrant who might cut me down if I do not (He is never that way) but because of His love for creation. That is why I praise Him!

In my Psalm Of The Day, 113, the singer testifies what he knows about the Almighty. His throne is above all else (113:5b) yet he humbles Himself to see (even me!). The poor are given His hand up, those who mourn (the ash heap) are embraced and lifted up in His loving arms. His beloved take their seat at the table of Princes, the childless become mothers in His own house! Joy!

How is it possible for we who have no importance in the world to have such an intimate relationship with the Almighty?

Praise the LORD, Hallelujah. 
As his slave (a position of joy) Bless (kneel and adore) YHVH . Bless even the Name of the Almighty.

Does that sound like drudgery? I once thought that too. But what did I have to loose by trying? Turns out the Father of Lies is the one putting it in your ear that praise is stupid. It is in His best interest that you do not Praise the LORD. I'm challenging YOU. Take time to Praise the LORD. It isn't about you, so for just a moment don't even indulge in thanksgiving, as important as that is. Sometimes it helps me to start with a couple of Pharisees to focus on God instead of what he does for me.

LORD I worship You because ______ 
(You are high above all 113:5a, You are humble 113:6a, etc)
What I love about You LORD is ______ 
(The way you see the needy and do something 113:7a, how you make nobody's somebody 113:8 etc.) 

Got the idea? Now is as good of time as any to start. It transforms us from simple beggars to PrayerWarriors!

Debs in Everett, Washington
December 23, 2017 

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