Sunday, December 24, 2017

Psalm 81

 A song that reminds me of finding strength in the joy of the LORD. "O that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in my Ways!" Psalm 81:13

Look at Psalm 81:14-16 to see how the Almighty rewards those who will obey Him.
"I would quickly subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries. "Those who hate the LORD would pretend obedience to Him; and their time of punishment would be forever.  Psalm 81:14-16 nas
 He defeats what seems to defeat you. What, you may wonder, is it that God wants us to do so that we can walk in victory? "The joy of the LORD is our strength, so "sing for joy" 81:1. Sing loud. You say you're not feeling it? You don't have to feel it, just do it. Turn on praise music and sing along. God himself will give you the "feelings" all you have to do is obey. Start singing! He has even brought me there through tears.

Spend some time in the Word. Learn what pleases God. I know you hear this all the time, but do you actually do it? Have you done it today? I have a fantastic Bible program on my computer but I had to quit using it for my morning devotions. That same computer also has social media. I am embarrassed to admit how quickly I get lost in social media and do not get to the study that I planned to do. How about you? I love that you may get a jump-start or a moment of fellowship reading my humble post, but this isn't where the Almighty does His best work for you. Open your Bible and ask 'Abba (our Father in heaven) to "open the eyes of your heart" and reveal the wonders of His Word to you. You'll find yourself shouting for joy.

Debs in Everett, Washington
November 21, 2017.

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